Mega Mega Mega

Friday, 27 August 2010 at 11:41
As of Monday 23rd August, The Count & Sinden's long anticipated debut album hit the stores. Ever since their huge club hit Beeper rocked the dancefloor's I especially have been waiting for further collaborations between the two. Mega Mega Mega flows in a crazy pattern through the album moving from one style quickly to another. What it does keep solid throughout is its disco vibe and insatiable beats that cant stop you from tapping your foot along. There are the already released tracks in there such as Elephant 1234 and Mega but its songs such as After Dark (feat.Mystery Jets) & Addicted to You (feat Bashy) which really stand out for me. They show the range of talent that these two great producers have at their disposal.

This album could be the staple for where the Uk's main music trends are at now. The Count & Sinden are making their way to the top.

Check the album here: Amazon or Beatport


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