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Thursday, 25 February 2010 at 11:03

Some new stuff to keep your iTunes library funky.

The USA. Loves hip hop. And as MSTRKRFT know, hip hop tunes equal massive electro bangers. Boston guys The Filth have bootlegged Ludacris for a peak time smash.

Ludacris - How Low (The Filth Remix)

Long time love affair (for me, anyway) Felix Cartal released his debut album this week, provocatively named 'Popular Music'. Firstly, go buy it. Second, here's a rework of The Grinch by Botvox. Techy, grimey, even a little bit progressive! Botvox keep Cartal's signature synth grinds though. Recommended.

Felix Cartal - The Grinch (Botvox Remix)

Moving towards a fidget-electro crossover sound, Dirty Disco Youth have come up with this rudeness - Brains...Off. Some nice piano breaks in it to keep it interesting. Shame it's only at 128..... it's worth it.

Dirty Disco Youth - Brains ... Off

Last up I wanna hype this track. DMC wizard Craze (yeah, THE Craze) is clearly a talented man. Him and protege Klever, apart from smashing up scratch battles and getting paid to play on Serato, both make some serious club tunes. This one takes us on a wobble fest. Loads of different drum breaks going on. Some dub flavours, some hip-hop style and a whole lot of fidgety bass. Real inventive, support this tune. I'll drop a Klever anthem on you next time.

Craze - Drop to the Flo

Keep it loud!


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