Wednesday, 28 October 2009 at 23:07

so friday night in exeter is big this week - promoters Rinseout are putting on a party for their 6th year in the dnb game. If you live here, you'll know what I'm talking about - every big line up has something to do with them. So, to celebrate, they're pulling 3 big ones out:


pretty funky stuff I think you'd agree.

Sub Focus is riding high at the moment with his self-titled debut making waves through the scene. His single Let The Story Begin is sitting comfortably at number 1 on the DnB Arena singles chart, and his album is basically playing like a greatest hits; everything on there is a banger.

Sub Focus - Last Jungle (320)

Sub Focus - Smooth (320)

Original Sin

Absolute filth. Get on the post Quadrozzi put up for an education here.

Crissy Criss

He's 22!! Starting with that, this guy is on fire at the moment. He presents a 3 hour show on 1extra, check it for rude drum and bass. He's built up his reputation on dnb but for rinseout he's showcasing his dubstep skills. Check some with this

Crissy Criss - Fackin Ell (320)

If this all sounds like it might be your cup o tea, check out Rinseout on Facebook.

see you on the floor


Lech's Bargain Beats

Tuesday, 27 October 2009 at 23:50

So I finally finished the track, I'm gonna try the mix out on a cupla different systems. Mainly cause there's a ton of sub-bass on it that doesn't even come out on my monitors....!

Before that, check the video - YOUTUBE

So mp3 will be up by the weekend tops. Stay chill for it =)


Gotta be done

Monday, 19 October 2009 at 15:18
Trust me, you need to get on this. Not the newest cause it came out last year but if you missed it (like me),

Noisia - Stigma (320)

It sounds like a hedge trimmer getting in a fight with a chainsaw.... I.e. ridiculous

Check out the man Noisia from Holland at his myspace.

Liquid Love pt.1

Sunday, 18 October 2009 at 18:33
Yo. Now everyone writing this blog has net we're gonna get the posts a flowing. Keep your eyes out...

For some reason or another I think liquid is possibly the greatest thing to happen to drum and bass. Don't get me wrong, there's always a time for filth laced skank bangers, but being a musical kinda guy Im really feeling musical vibes in DnB. Wicked energised tempo but with big low basslines and lush chord sequences. Genius.

So, here's some of the smoothest liquid vibes floating around my library. Get rollin for these...

Bachelors of Science

- wicked tunes from stateside. The whole album Science Fiction is massive, grab it here
Choice tracks are Wicked Ways (320) and the funk infused People Together (320)


- everything this guy touches is silky smooth. Here's his lush collaboration with Redeyes, out on Integral, called Thieves in the Night (320)

Alix Perez

- I don't know how I can start with this guy. Favourite producer, nu-skool dnb pioneer Perez from North London just released his debut album on Shogun. Getting playlisted even on daytime radio 1 shows just how big his tunes are getting!

Friction, Fabio and even non-dnb DJs like Rob da Bank are pushing this one: Forsaken ft. Peven Everett and Spectrasoul (171)

This is an absolute beauty. Contradictions (172). Highlight of 1984. Get the whole album here

And a classic from him, taken from DJ Marky's Master Plan Mix album. Crown City (145)


So enjoy! Hit up the comments if you love or hate