Original Sin

Wednesday, 9 September 2009 at 14:38
Right, Original Sin...Basically, I love this dudes music. His sounds are some of the best I've heard and he is definately an influence to me and the music I aspire to produce, I just love the dark synth waves he uses in most of his songs.

Check out his myspace, there's not much goin on on there but i guess it's all good, free legal streaming of a few of his songs.

He's got an album coming out on the 7th Dec 2009 named 'Grow Your Wings' which features the songs ‘Therapy’, ‘Pimp Don’t Limp’ and ‘Without You’. I think it might be the biggest Drum 'n' Bass album of the year, close to Sick! Music by Hospitality, or Sub-Focus's self titled album.

Here are some of his songs:

-Bastard Killer
Youtube Link

-Feels Good
Youtube Link

-Skank Nasty (Double Zero)
Youtube Link

His best remixes:

-Ebnoy Dubsters - Ra
Youtube Link
Download Link

- J Majik and Wickaman - Feel About You
Youtube Link
Download Link

-Clipz - Download
Youtube Link
Download Link

- Distorted Minds - T-10
Youtube Link
Download Link [Haven't got one]

His radio 1 show with Fabio and Grooverider can be found here

The tracklist is...
State Of Mind – ‘Division Ten’ (White)
Camo – ‘Lost Heaven (VIP)’ (White)
DJ Fresh feat. Darrison – ‘All That Jazz (VIP)’ (V Records)
B Cee & S.P.Y – ‘Diagnosis Murder’ (White)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – ‘Can U Feel It (VIP)’ (Technique)
Jayline – ‘The Mummy’ (White)
Sub Focus – ‘Rocket’ (Ram)
J Majik – ‘Unknown’ (White)
Total Science – ‘Nosher (Marky & S.P.Y Remix)’ (C.I.A)
Heist – ‘Moonshine’ (White)
Jaydan – ‘Driller Killer’ (White)
Craggz & Parallel Forces – ‘Shake The Disease’ (White)

Original Sin, Taxman and Jaydan in the studio!

Original Sin – ‘8 Figure Bass’ (Playaz)
Original Sin – ‘Don’t Be Silly’ (Ganja)
Taxman – ‘Harry’s Revenge’ (Ganja)
Generation Dub – ‘Altered State’ (Formation)

Original Sin in the mix!

Original Sin – ‘Therapy’ (Playaz)
Original Sin – ‘8 Figure Bass’ (Playaz)
Swift – ‘1 Finger’ (Charge)
Clipz – ‘Give It To Me’ (Audio Zoo)
Original Sin – ‘B**tard Killer’ (White)
Fresh – ‘Gold Dust’ (BBK)
Original Sin & Taxman – ‘Seen’ (Taxman)
Jaydan – ‘King Of Miami’ (VIP)’ (Propaganda)
Original Sin – ‘Pimp Don’t Limp’ (Playaz)
Hazard – ‘Wicked So’ (Playaz)
Original Sin – ‘Overfiend’ (Playaz)

Goldie – ‘Kemistry’ (Metalheadz)

Rewind Tracks!
Fabio: Spirit – ‘1471’ (Inneractive)
Original Sin: Original Sin – ‘Untitled’ (Playaz)
Grooverider: Cybin – ‘Soundboy’ (White)

His D+B arena mix can be found here [Can't find a tracklisting]

I've never seen him live before but hopefully seeing him in October in Exeter. Saw Sub-Focus at Exit festival this year, he was brilliant! Gotta love 'Rock It' and 'Timewarp'.

This is the flyer for the event!

Artists like him: DJ Sensai http://www.myspace.com/djsensai

Youtube links to his goods songs:

- Afterlife

- The Blade

- Strangers

- Heart of Dawn

Download subway soundz 001 here at 320.
Tracklist is:
01: Sensai - Returned
02: Tyke & Recipe - Drunk Step

That's all for now, will keep people updated with new tunes, mixes and profiles on the heavier darker side of DnB! If you want a post on a certain artist drop us an E-mail.



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