Tunes of the week 7/11/2009

Monday, 7 December 2009 at 12:28

Right I've got one classic by Royksopp which has been remixed by about 50 different people but I'm putting up Trentmollers one. Massive massive chuune from back in the day.

The second one is an absolute DnB banger by Austrian quartet Fourward called Blur, from their release DISTURBED019.

The third one is a liquid tune called 7th state of matter by Puzzle. Even tho liquid isn't really my thing I think the track is sick.

Here are the links:

Royksopp - Where is it? (Trentmoller remix) [320]
Fourward - Blur [320]
Puzzle - 7th State of matter [320]

Stay tuned for more tunes


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