Tune of the week 30/11/09

Monday, 30 November 2009 at 19:43

Right so this week I've got 2 absolute hulkified tunes. They're as dirty as your teeth if you havn't brushed them for a week!

Blatta & Inesha - Aint Nuthing Ta Fuck With [320]

Defunct! - I Don't (Original Mix) [320]

Keep it real


Sunday, 29 November 2009 at 22:00

fresh off the decks, here's the first mix from true mess head. true to style, theres some fidget, some electro, some dubstep and a whole lotta BASS.

enjoy - you can download throu soundcloud. comments appreciated!
True Mess Head Mix 1 by Trouble and Squeak

George Lenton!

Saturday, 28 November 2009 at 16:42

I dont really know all that much about George Lenton. He uses a mac, he used to be into drum and bass, scratching, dmc battles, and bands, but now makes sample infused dubstep rockers. He makes his own tunes and is also big in the remixes having reworked the likes of Daft Punk and MGMT. Badman.

And you can grab his latest here!
Erik Hassle is swedens current equivalent of Frankmusik but he's put together a pretty huge remix lineup for his latest, hurtful. Mr. Lenton has worked his magic on it and produced a gem!

Erik Hassle - Hurtful (George Lenton Remix) Link removed by request
George Lenton - Cold Rocker Link removed by request

Lastly, everyone ever should watch the video for troll, here. Partly because of the gorilla, partly because of the sick Network sample, and partly because it will fcking destroy your speakers.

If you're in London on december 16th, check the man himself at S.O.M.E, the new dubstep/fidget night at the Den, formerly the End.

Hadouken Remixed

Friday, 27 November 2009 at 22:15

yo yo

Hopefully you should know by now, the new album by grindie kids Hadouken has been produced by the men Noisia. Meaning, when it drops, be expecting a SHED load of remixes. And here's the first - opening single Lights Out has been remixed by darkstep don Spor.

Hadouken - Lights Out (Spor Remix) - 320


Hostage @ Krooked!

at 14:38
So ladies and gentlemen on Friday 27th November (today!) Krooked presents Hostage!!!! Bada man. He is going to ruin DQ so i recommend this!

This is how he describes his music:

If it was a recipe for a nice dancefloor-cake you'd do the following:
500g of Electro and mixed with 250g of House music
125g of Techno
A dash of Old-Skool Hardcore
A tablespoon of Fidget (If you don't have any fidget a wee bit of Wonk will do)
A knob of Bassline
Blend them all together into a nice wobbly dough.
Bake at Gasmark 128bpm for 1 hour and 20 Minutes.

Sprinkle with UK Rave Stabs circa 1992

Sounds like a nice cake to me! Little bonus material for ya:

my oh my

at 02:13
french girls

in paris

without french clothes

i think ive said all i really need to

Tune of the week 23/11/2009

Tuesday, 24 November 2009 at 09:32

Yes yes its that time again, the tune that I keep wanting to listen to!

This week it's Kill the DJ (Club Banger Edit) by Alexandre de Beauregard (320)

Will hit you people up soon

True Funky Tune

Thursday, 19 November 2009 at 10:31
This one is called Comma by Son of a Cheeky Boy.

Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, Pizzaman, and Mighty Dub Katz, made this funky disco single under yet another alias, Son of a Cheeky Boy.

The original is from 1997! Nice little fact for ya there.

Here it is [320]


Tune of the week 16/10/2009

Tuesday, 17 November 2009 at 10:01

Even though this one is a bit old it still sends shivers up my spine everytime I hear it. It's global warming be Camo & Krooked.

Here it is!

The B side to this called No Soul which can be found here.

More of the best tunes next week.


Mixmag Tour!

Friday, 13 November 2009 at 12:14
So the annual Mixmag tour rolls into town this Saturday at Plug. It has been ripping up various cities around the country and now steam rolls into Sheffield with a stellar line up. The Count (Herve) & Sinden will be bringing their eclectic mix of bass and electro as the bad boys of this night. In tow they have Radio 1 DJs Jaymo & Andy George and Alex Metric. Support as well comes from Plug's resident DJ's LJ Freeman and Geoff Ticehurst.

I wouldn't miss this one! This is a True Mess Head recommendation. Tickets are £7.00 advance. Get them from the Plug Box office or online at the Plug website. For the moment here's some tunes that will get rinsed on Saturday!


Jakwob + Ellie Goulding = Bigness

at 02:10
If you haven't heard this one yet, get on the download. Goulding is set to blow UP in the wake of La Roux / Little Boots type female electropop. You'll have heard her single Under The Sheets all over radio (he's also done this, check his myspace player) but this is the remix that's gonna put her on the map.

La Roux had Skream for In For The Kill. Goulding has JAKWOB.

Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix)

I think Doorly / Skream etc have a lot to answer for. All this pop / dubstep crossover remixery is getting a bit weird for me...

Hit up the comments - watcha think?!!

DC Breaks mix

Thursday, 12 November 2009 at 22:31
Was listenin to an oldish Drum and Bass Arena podcast mix at the gym the other day and oh my god! Was it good, got the blood pumping to all the right areas. Some amazing tunes in there mashed about my the DC Breaks guys.

Here it is. Unfortunately there isn't a tracklist for it :( but they do however play Capuiera by Infrared vs Gil Felix which can be found on the legendary Nightlife Volume 1

Will keep you updated with some more filthbag drum and bass!

Tunes of the week 09/11/2009

Tuesday, 10 November 2009 at 12:12

So I found this tune over the weekend doing my usual browsing of blogs, youtube etc. Absolute dirtbag tune!

It is Gigi Barocco - Rowdy Jack (Bryan Cox Remix) (320)

Italy has got some shithot artists at the moment, Crookers, Bloody Beetroots, Gigi himself, Blatta & Inesha to name a few! Will be doing a post with some of their best tracks soon!

Surprisingly I haven't gone and got the new modern warfare...yet lol.

Second tune of the week is Camo - Lost Heaven (209)

Will more than likely find some more by the end of the week that are worth posting about.

Watch this space!

Long overdue.

at 11:51

Its time that I clocked in and made my due contribution to True Mess Head. It's been a while so I'm here to ramble.

Sheffield has been hitting it hard this year in the music scene. Too many big names have graced the decks of various clubs around the city of Steel.

From now on my mission is to keep you updated on what is upcoming and fresh new beats from around the world.

So.. tonight!!!

Gracing the decks at Tuesday Club we have Foreign Beggars (United Colours of Beggatron Album Launch) & Alix Perez (1984 Album Launch). Enough has already been said about Perez so I'll stick it to the Beggars

Foreign Beggars are one of the best hip hop collectives that this country has to offer. Their live shows are always a talking point full of energy and heavy drops. Foreign Beggars are a 5 man crew comprising of rappers Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis, DJ NoNames, Beat Bozer Shlomo and Producer Dag Nabbit. In their latest offering they have collaborated with a variety of artists most notably Noisia. He has produced a vast quantity of 'United Colours of Beggatron'.

All booming tunes. In contact you can sure tell the Noisia influence just as you can tell the Zinc influence in Move. Hit that Gash, straight up noise!

More to come in the next couple of days so stay posted!

Liquid Love pt.2

Monday, 9 November 2009 at 11:39

Back for the latest dosage of smooth rollers and tingly vibes at 170.

This is unmissable from canadian liquid maestro Mutt. Soul melting vocals and silky keys. Stunning.

Mutt - Conversations ft. Kevin King

Our liquid classic this week is the highlight of London Elektricity's 2003 Power Ballads.
It does what it says on the tin

London Elektricity - Fast Soul Music

And for some video action, I found this gem somewhere on Alix Perez's facebook page. Show him some love on there.

And if you haven't done it yet, BUY 1984.

Boom tings

Music Videoage

Friday, 6 November 2009 at 02:42

Just a quick one. I picked up this tune back in may from the wicked discodust blog. And in random youtube stumblings, I found the video for it.

This is NECESSARY viewing!

My tune of the week

Tuesday, 3 November 2009 at 10:26
So I've decided to put up the best tune I've heard this week and will do this weekly as my 'song of the moment' tends to change pretty quickly depending on how much I go searching for music but I think this one will be one of those songs where you think...I haven't heard that in a while, whack it on and go, 'oh yeaaah what a beat'

It's the Mightyfools remix of creepy by Boltan (320)

Let us know what you think of it.

Jam The Channel Halloween RAVE

Monday, 2 November 2009 at 01:41

What a weekend. Friday for some RUDE drum and bass courtesy of original sin, sub focus and serial killaz. Crissy Criss whacked the dubstep too. Heard him drop Seeerious by Noah D at the bar, nice. Buuuut we've already done our homework for that.

Saturday was part 2 at the Phoenix, Jam the Channel style. Not as rammed as friday, but lush decorations and video screens hanging from the ceiling made it different in a wicked way. And the djs were on FORM!

Lee Mortimer. The only bad thing I can think to say about him is he didn't get a chance to play his Indo remix and thats me clutching at straws to complain. He's a legend. MASSIVE set, wish I could remember more of the tracklist. Top guy aswell, was loving the mask.

Quality drop from him: Foamo - Rockerman (Lee Mortimer Remix)

Calvertron. I have no idea where this guy gets his tracks from but they were outrageous. All top quality electroeyfidgety goodness.

Quality drop from him: Calvertron - Doo Doo. No mp3 for that cause everyone has it!
Instead this under-rated gem: Calvertron & Will Bailey - Hookin.

Shout to the promoters.