Who Am I?

Wednesday, 9 September 2009 at 21:02
I'm AK. I'm the guy who on this blog is representing the Sheffield scene. Give me a good beat and a good hook and you got me dancing . I don't have a narrow view of music so like to embrace it all.

I'm gonna be bringing to you the best nights in Sheffield with the best DJs and we do get them.

There's so much to talk about so I'll shorten it down and give a quick lowdown.

DQ - This is the heart of the underground music scene in Sheffield. Every night there's something happening here. It's regularly packed and for once the drinks aren't ridiculously priced. If your into your beats then they get a whole host of djs coming through here every 1month. Sinden, Drop the Lime, Tomb Crew, Mustard Pimps, Boy 8 Bit & Duke Dumont to name a few, http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2252286976&ref=ts - That's the Facebook group for DQ. I'll post more on the individual nights, closer to the date.

Plug - Plug nightclub is the home to Shuffle, Detonate, Fresh till Deaf and more. It is the BIG nightclub in Sheffield. With a capacity over 2000 you can see why it attracts names such as Deadmau5, Kissy Sell Out, James Zabiela, Dubfire and many more. Shuffle on a Saturday is renowned for its stella big name pulling power. Detonate is a monthly night that showcases the best D&B this country has to offer. Danny Byrd ripped the place apart the last time I went down. My favourite is Fresh Till Deaf. A new addition to Plug's line up brings in the underground electro and fidget djs that I crave. Foamo, Hijack & Stupid Fresh. It also helps to know that Plug has a new banging soundsystem installed over summer. Hello!

TTC - The Tuesday Club is the best midweek D&B night in the country. That is definitely a good start. It simply is definitely the heart of D&B, Dubstep & Hip-hop in Sheffield. They book everyone and anyone. The list is too long to mention here but its good, real good. They also manage to chuck in a couple of Valve Soundsystem's every year, which rock the Octagon centre to its core. I would highly recommend checking this out. Cheap entry and cheap drinks, with wicked dj's. Not more you can really ask for.

So that's me for the moment. I will be updating this blog every week with new tracks, new nights and music news.

I am the True Mess Head. AK

Original Sin

at 14:38
Right, Original Sin...Basically, I love this dudes music. His sounds are some of the best I've heard and he is definately an influence to me and the music I aspire to produce, I just love the dark synth waves he uses in most of his songs.

Check out his myspace, there's not much goin on on there but i guess it's all good, free legal streaming of a few of his songs.

He's got an album coming out on the 7th Dec 2009 named 'Grow Your Wings' which features the songs ‘Therapy’, ‘Pimp Don’t Limp’ and ‘Without You’. I think it might be the biggest Drum 'n' Bass album of the year, close to Sick! Music by Hospitality, or Sub-Focus's self titled album.

Here are some of his songs:

-Bastard Killer
Youtube Link

-Feels Good
Youtube Link

-Skank Nasty (Double Zero)
Youtube Link

His best remixes:

-Ebnoy Dubsters - Ra
Youtube Link
Download Link

- J Majik and Wickaman - Feel About You
Youtube Link
Download Link

-Clipz - Download
Youtube Link
Download Link

- Distorted Minds - T-10
Youtube Link
Download Link [Haven't got one]

His radio 1 show with Fabio and Grooverider can be found here

The tracklist is...
State Of Mind – ‘Division Ten’ (White)
Camo – ‘Lost Heaven (VIP)’ (White)
DJ Fresh feat. Darrison – ‘All That Jazz (VIP)’ (V Records)
B Cee & S.P.Y – ‘Diagnosis Murder’ (White)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – ‘Can U Feel It (VIP)’ (Technique)
Jayline – ‘The Mummy’ (White)
Sub Focus – ‘Rocket’ (Ram)
J Majik – ‘Unknown’ (White)
Total Science – ‘Nosher (Marky & S.P.Y Remix)’ (C.I.A)
Heist – ‘Moonshine’ (White)
Jaydan – ‘Driller Killer’ (White)
Craggz & Parallel Forces – ‘Shake The Disease’ (White)

Original Sin, Taxman and Jaydan in the studio!

Original Sin – ‘8 Figure Bass’ (Playaz)
Original Sin – ‘Don’t Be Silly’ (Ganja)
Taxman – ‘Harry’s Revenge’ (Ganja)
Generation Dub – ‘Altered State’ (Formation)

Original Sin in the mix!

Original Sin – ‘Therapy’ (Playaz)
Original Sin – ‘8 Figure Bass’ (Playaz)
Swift – ‘1 Finger’ (Charge)
Clipz – ‘Give It To Me’ (Audio Zoo)
Original Sin – ‘B**tard Killer’ (White)
Fresh – ‘Gold Dust’ (BBK)
Original Sin & Taxman – ‘Seen’ (Taxman)
Jaydan – ‘King Of Miami’ (VIP)’ (Propaganda)
Original Sin – ‘Pimp Don’t Limp’ (Playaz)
Hazard – ‘Wicked So’ (Playaz)
Original Sin – ‘Overfiend’ (Playaz)

Goldie – ‘Kemistry’ (Metalheadz)

Rewind Tracks!
Fabio: Spirit – ‘1471’ (Inneractive)
Original Sin: Original Sin – ‘Untitled’ (Playaz)
Grooverider: Cybin – ‘Soundboy’ (White)

His D+B arena mix can be found here [Can't find a tracklisting]

I've never seen him live before but hopefully seeing him in October in Exeter. Saw Sub-Focus at Exit festival this year, he was brilliant! Gotta love 'Rock It' and 'Timewarp'.

This is the flyer for the event!

Artists like him: DJ Sensai http://www.myspace.com/djsensai

Youtube links to his goods songs:

- Afterlife

- The Blade

- Strangers

- Heart of Dawn

Download subway soundz 001 here at 320.
Tracklist is:
01: Sensai - Returned
02: Tyke & Recipe - Drunk Step

That's all for now, will keep people updated with new tunes, mixes and profiles on the heavier darker side of DnB! If you want a post on a certain artist drop us an E-mail.


Smoke and Fidget - Wearhouse Music Takeover @ Egg, London

Saturday, 5 September 2009 at 17:24

so last night was the first of egg's label showcases, and the guys in question were Wearhouse Music. Lee Mortimer's jackin house imprint is putting out some bombs at the moment and they showed it last night. Mortimer was backed up by Chew The Fat! resident Foamo and fidget star Hijack, all playing rinsing sets.

Definite highlight of the night was bournemouth boy Hijack. He managed to pack out the floor in about 10 minutes of getting his hands on the decks and went on to rip through his huge re-edit catalogue and remixes.

Hijack - Party People (Bootleg) (320)

Foamo and Mortimer kept the vibe going, each smashing out banger-filled sets. Add to that Funktion 1 sound, cheap red stripe and a LOT of smoke machines, Egg's label nights are gonna be huge by the looksa things

Foamo and Lee Mortimer - It's Going Down (320)
La Roux - Bulletproof (Foamo's Dubstep Remix) (192)

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